Katalyn Hoffner pornstar : “Lili”

Name: Lili


Year: 1995

Language: Italian

Duration: 104 min

Country: Italy

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Actress: Anita Dark,Eva Falk,Marina Montero,Katalyn Hoffner


During the Second World War, Lili is working as a dancer in a cabaret, she is noticed by Madame Kitty, owner of a brothel. As Lili looses her job, Madame Kitty took her in to keep the brothel clean and help out the other girls in return… Lili was overcome with excitment of all the sex action that goes on there, and starts to have her desires as a virgin. One day a young man, Albert charmed by Lilis candor and beauty they fall in love. But soon fuckd to divide but the war. Lili could not behave like a whore due to the love for Albert, so Madame Kitty makes her sing at a party. The guests like Lili very much and successfully she gives herself to many of the men present…