Bunny Bleu porn – “Wet Science”

Name: Wet Science

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Flesh Flasher

Duration: 71 min

Year: 1986

Actress: Erica Boyer,Candie Evens,Karen Summer,Bunny Bleu

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Actors: Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Blake Palmer,Tony Montana

In this hardcore take-off of the 80s hit ‘Weird Science,’ Erica Boyer plays a mad scientist who decides to create her own ideal man. She conjures up the naked form of Tom Byron, a guy who’s got everything she needs — and no annoying habits like talking or thinking for himself! Events take a tawdry turn when a lost couple wanders up to Erica’s secluded home. They see for themselves what Erica’s been up to behind closed doors, and decide that they like it! Meanwhile, Erica’s servants are having some steamy fun of their own in the kitchen. And when the police show up to see what’s so loud, things really get out of hand! Fast-paced fun from start to finish, ‘Wet Science’ will make a believer out of you!


Jenna Jameson movies – “Jenna Ink”

Name: Jenna Ink

Language: English

Director: Brad Armstrong

Duration: 73 min

Year: 1995

Country: United States

Actors: Alex Sanders,Brad Armstrong,Sean Rider

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Actress: Jenna Jameson

Under the gun with Jenna Jameson!Sometimes its worth suffering a little pain, especially when the lovely Jennas dishing it out! Shes the hottest tattoo artist in town, covering customers bodies with her wild creations. It doesnt take long before she starts fantasizing about her clients. A steamy encounter in the wild west, an all-girl threesome and a boot camp scorcher featuring Jennas first-ever anal and double penetration! So move over Tommy Lee and get ready for Jenna Ink!


Julia Snow sex : “La Maison De Tous Les Plaisirs”

Name: La Maison De Tous Les Plaisirs

Language: Italian

Year: 1994

Director: Nicky Ranieri

Country: Italy

Duration: 69 min

Actors: Philippe Soine,Francesco Malcom,Richard Voicin,Joe Calzone,Jolth Walton,Christopher Clarck,Joe Calson

Actress: Deborah Wells,Julia Snow,Beatrice Valle,Thunde Johnson,Ketty Berange,Laura Terenzi,Lisa De Renzy,Maria Lopez,Vally Verde,Nathalie Wood

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These French girls are classy, though they still love to take a load on their face. In La Maison Close, be prepared for 5 pure scenes of hot action, from the back of a truck, to the inside of a barn, these girls love it and want it anywhere, and I mean anywhere. These girls want it in every hole and don’t rest until they have hot cum all over their bodies.


Retro porn picture – Who Wins That Game

Retro porn picture – Who Wins That Game

Carol Connors naked in “Wet and Wild”

Name: Wet and Wild

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1976

Duration: 52 min

Director: Michael Findlay

Actress: Carol Connors,Judy Angel,Ruthann Lott

Actors: John Holmes,Michael Findlay,Orrin North

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A lot of ink has been spilled discussing the filth-laden career of Michael Findlay. Here’s a rare chance to see one of his hardcore features. Twisted scenarios are Findlay’s trademark. Wet & Wild is no exception.We open with his camera prowling 42nd Street. It’s like traveling back in time, before the sacred Deuce was defanged by greedy politicians and Disney. Rows of lit-up marquees, peepshows, X-rated theatres and nudie bars bring a lump to the throat. (Snuff is shown playing at the National!) In a Times Square grindhouse, a ski-masked sex fiend, brandishing a .38 caliber pistol, busts into the projection booth. He takes the projectionist to run porno flicks. We’re taken on a foot-to-the-floorboards ride on a sexual safari through New York City’s gutter. ("A steamy, seedy jungle of unfettered sex!") Screamingly demented narration accompanies sperm-tossing stroke footage.We visit a haven for hookers called The Camelot (Cum-a-lot is more apt). "Hundreds of rooms. Hundreds of groaning beds." As a vacant-eyed woman plays with herself the voice-over explains, "A typical Camelot apartment, with garish Castro-Convertible furniture and a biz-arre-looking girl with a brown, wooden banana who’s been told by a customer to shove it up her not-so-dainty twat."The film roars along with slurping and slamming galore. The narrator sounds like Ron Popeil ("She’ll fuck it! She’ll suck it! She’ll twist it and jerk it till it’s blue!"). We watch some fun-loving lesbians at the Peek and Pay. ("Two nymphettes whose taste in underwear is pretty good.") It ends with a cum-filled orgy run by "Pete the Pimp".All these scenes are watched by the sex-mad psycho. Apparently he didn’t get off on this "Pandora’s Palace of pounding pricks and pulsating pussies." It ends with the projectionist’s bullet-ridden body slumped against a poster of Olga’s House of Shame! This is a Michael Findlay film. You expected a happy ending?!


Shanna McCullough sex : “The Erotic Adventures of BonnieClyde”

Name: The Erotic Adventures of BonnieClyde

Language: English

Duration: 75 min

Country: United States

Year: 1988

Director: Max Schenk

Actress: Shanna McCullough,Alicia Monet,Gail Sterling

Actors: Mike Horner,Long Chaney

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They were the heroes of the thirties. The wild and unpredictable robbers of banks. Their names inspire visions of careening car chases, blazing gun battles and uninhibited, orgiastic sexual interludes. Weve got them all in here and theyre screwing their brains out!


Vintage classics lesbian in “In Excess”

Name: In Excess

Year: 1992

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Jace Rocker

Duration: 141 min

Actress: Nina Hartley,Brittany Morgan,Jamie Leigh,Alice Springs,Lei Lani

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Actors: Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Tom Chapman,Leilani

Sex starved Britt Morgan dons garters and lace but still can’t lure husband Tom Byron away from his sports. Britt loves sports too, but her games include ball fondling and tongue licking marathons. She gets both in a hot scene with Tom Chapman. Then she’s off to Nude City, luscious acres of sprawling nudity where the recreation hour is right up her needs. With alluring Alice Springs and incomparable Nina Hartley there’s enough stranger passion to satisfy your wildest imaginations. But what about hubby Tom? Can he ever fulfill Britt’s excessive desire? It’s one sizzling scene after another in his film of Excess!


Cindy Carver fucking in “Sweet Young Foxes”

Name: Sweet Young Foxes

Duration: 84 min

Country: United States

Director: Bob Chinn

Language: English

Year: 1983

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Actress: Kay Parker,Hyapatia Lee,Cara Lott,Patricia Manning,Cindy Carver

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Eric Edwards,Blair Harris,Bud Lee,Ed Lincoln

A group of young Southern California co-eds spend their days and nights on the prowl looking for ways to satisfy their red hot passions! Laura, Maggie and Kimberly are the three luscious lasses whose lives are going through tumultuous changes. They decide to descend on a rollicking party to remedy their loneliness. At the party Laura meets a former schoolmate, giving old torches a reaguy to light up and burn fiercely. Meanwhile the virginal Kim enters full womanhood at the hands of a dashing young man bent on satisfying their mutual lustful craving. Finally, Maggie finds an intriguing older woman with whom she discovers another side of her sexual hunger. Sweet Young Foxes… ah how sweet!


Vintage hairy pics – Younger Women Older Men 2

Vintage hairy pics – Younger Women Older Men 2

German vintage porn tubes – “Der Schmutz Fotograf”

Name: Der Schmutz Fotograf

Country: Germany

Duration: 70 min

Year: 1989

Language: German



Categories: German vintage porn tubes, 1989, Germany, German, Iris Von Braun, Rita Gerke, Sylvia Bartels, Irena Pavlova

Actress: Iris Von Braun,Rita Gerke,Sylvia Bartels,Irena Pavlova

“Fotostudio sucht Modelle”. Auf die Anzeige melden sich viele hübsche Mädchen. Der Fotograf und Assistent verstehen es raffiniert die rassigen Modelle heiß und geil zu machen. Stefanie wird überzeugt, dass sie als Sexmodell Karriere machen kann. Sie findet am F*cken gefallen und steigert sich so in Ekstase, dass beide aufpassen müssen, dass ihre steifen Schwänze beim bumsen nicht abbrechen. Irena, das nächste Modell, lässt auch nichts anbrennen. Ihre gierige, heiße M*se und ihr strammer Arsch versprechen nicht nur geile Aufnahmen. Der Fotograf legt eine schöpferische Pause ein, fährt zu Iris und träumt von ihren F*ckkünsten. Iris ist tierisch geil und versaut. Ihr tiefer Schlund ist unersättlich. Zwei neue Modelle bewerben sich. Von Sylvia sollen Aufnahmen gemacht werden. Der Assistent nimmt ihr die Hemmungen und f*ckt sie erstmal durch. Der Fotograf ist geil auf das andere Modell. Eine Übreraschung bahnt sich an. Mona ist Transvestit. Mann oder Frau – wer weiß es genau? Der Fotograf und sein Assistent haben es bei der supergeilen F*ck- und Blasorgie herausgefunden. Pornoaufnahmen werden doch noch gemacht. Ein Möbelpacker, der etwas anliefert, springt ein und zeigt Rita, wie man das Klavier auf den Boden bringt.


Rhonda Jo Petty : Retro porn 70th

Rhonda Jo Petty : Retro porn 70th

Name: Disco Lady

Language: English

Duration: 55 min

Director: Bob Chinn

Year: 1978

Country: United States

Actors: Mike Ranger,Rick Lutze,Damon Christian,Tim Wade,Alan Colberg,Robert Rose,Stormy Simons

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Actress: Rhonda Jo Petty,Angel Ducharme,Ming Jade,Robin Savage,Tiffany Ladd

Rhonda Jo Petty : Retro porn 70th